Lambeth College - LC Tutor Spotlight: Osita Aneke
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Our Journal

Our Journal

Our first tutor highlight for October is our Sports Maker, Osita!

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Why did you introduce the Jack Petchey programme to your students?

The Jack Petchey scheme is a great way to recognise the efforts and actions of young people in the college and that relates to their attitude, their dedication, their commitment to their courses. So not only our the students being recognised for their efforts and contributions in their courses, but also, in their extra-curricular activities... so when they volunteer, assisting in the sports enrichment programme. 

What's the idea behind the Wall of Achievement?

The idea behind this is to have a noticeboard that celebrates and glorifies the actions of our students so that when they come in and see it themselves, they feel valued, they have an element of self-pride, an element of achievement. I believe it'll serve to spur them on further as well as, other students. Essentially, it's a good way of giving someone a pat on the back and celebrating their work. 

For the students who have won a Jack Petchey award, how do you think it has influenced or changed them?

From the first moment you've told them they've won an award, you can see their eyes light up. They are always very happy to know they've been recognised and I think that's what it comes down to... it's the element of recognition, people seeing the value in other people and looking to put that on a platform. Beyond that, they're always pleased to tell their friends and family.

In the past, we've held award ceremonies where there's been entertainment and we've provided an experience where students are able to invite their families members. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Definitely seeing young people's dedication, seeing their work ethic, seeing them feel motivated to push on further and be the best version of themselves. That's the key element I hold on to. Even seeing their smalls wins, anything from coming for the first time and saying "i can't do that" and in an hour they're doing what they said they couldn't.

As our Sports Maker, how do you think physical activity contributes to keeping people healthy and improves their wellbeing?

A lot of students go through their own form of stress, it could be home pressures, social pressures maybe even to do with their workload. Being able to find a space where they can unwind, connect and make friends is defintely a plus point, it clearly has physical benefits but it also has psychological benefits. 

What inspires you about your sports students?

Everything from their own motivation to their commitment, to the way they apply themselves in their course. These things are very impressive to me.

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