Lambeth College - Celebrating Neurodiversity! #NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek2021
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Our Journal

Our Journal

Lambeth College is proud to support national Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which takes place from March 15th - March 21st!

Have you noticed that everyone thinks, learns and processes infromation differently?

Neurodiversity is based on the idea that everyone has a differently wired brain and their own unique way of thinking and experiencing the world.

Neurodiversity is about recognising and respecting that we don't all learn the same way. The differences in the way our brains are wired means that something you find easy, like concentrating for a long period of time, someone else may find hard. This is what neurodiversity is about and it's important that we're all aware of these differences.

If you're wondering whether these differences have a name... you're right! Have you ever heard of ADHD, autism, dyspraxia or dyslexia? They are different forms of learning differences. 

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If you'd like to learn more about neurodiversity, check out this website.


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