Students with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities

At Lambeth College we aim to help you gain new skills and be more independent.

All learners who apply will start on one of two pathways: Independence or Employability.

We encourage our learners to aim to get a job (a job can be paid, full-time, part-time, supported work or voluntary work). If you are not ready for employment we encourage you to develop your independence skills. 

All students have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This is to help you focus on developing the right skills to achieve your long term goal. Your ILP includes targets in literacy, numeracy or ICT. Your ILP will also have targets related to independence or employment. Your ILP will be different from everyone else’s - It is your own plan.  Your tutor and support staff will help you choose and work on targets and you will have regular meetings to review your progress

What will I learn?

All the learning programmes have opportunities to develop ‘Skills for Life’ / ‘Functional Skills’ This can include:

  • Communication / English (Reading, writing, speaking and listening).
  • Numeracy / Maths (Number, measuring and handling data).
  • Information Communication Technology is about using technology to communicate.

You can practice your Skills for Life in practical activities.

When you are in your final year, you will focus on what you will do after college to be as independent as possible. The programme will help you find opportunities in you local community that you can do when you leave college. If you have support from Adult Social Services, we will work with them to help you find appropriate opportunities in the community.

Work Experience

No education or training would be complete without giving you the skills needed to survive in the real world. That is why many of our courses are designed to meet the needs of employers and to equip you with the skills you need to be competitive in today’s job markets. Whilst at the College, we encourage as many learners as possible to complete work experience placements.  These may initially be within the College but wherever possible we seek external placements to give students a wider experience of work.  We will work with external partners to find you a suitable work placement and/or voluntary work.

ProWork – Partnership with the Camden Society

Students on our adult employment programmes can access additional support from an Employment Development Worker, from the Camden Society. We work closely with the Camden Society to help you find work. We can also support you on the job by providing you with a Job Coach, who can support you in work and help with travelling to work.

Progression to work – Getting a Job

When you are ready to leave college and get a job, we will help you as much as possible. We will work with your parents/guardians and other professionals so that they know what the plans are for when you leave college.

Enriching Your Life

The College also has an enrichment programme which is additional to your timetable. You can choose from a wide variety of sports and leisure activities like drama, football, singing and cooking. You may also decide to become a Student Ambassador (a paid job)  within the College. The Ambassadors help us promote the College to other prospective students.

Their main roles in the job are to work with other students, act as tour guides and assist at parents’ evenings and careers events.

Libraries and ILT Centres

We encourage you to study independently at college. There is a library and ILT centre at each of the three centres of the college. Here you can get help to study – using computers, books or DVDs.

Lambeth Universal Performers (LUP) is a group of performing Arts students, some of whom have learning difficulties/disabilities. Each year the LUP does a summer tour which may include local schools.

How do I apply?

  • Visit the College – we have open events. Please contact us to find out the date of the next event. You may visit before or after you have completed and application form.
  • Complete an application form – send us a copy of your last Annual Review and Statement of Special Educational Needs if you have one. This will help us to ensure that we provide the best support for you. If you have a Connexions Personal Adviser, ask them to complete a Moving On Plan – S139a and send it to the College with your application form.
  • Assessment Visit – we will invite you to spend a day at the college to see what it is like. You will join a group of students for the day. We like to meet your parents/guardians at the end of the day to discuss whether the programme is right for you. We will then advise the best programme for you and we will send you a letter to confirm if you have been offered a place.

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